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About Top Tier Acting Reels

A Professional Production of YOU to help Jump Start Your Acting Career!


(And to reflect today’s new aggressive media)

We are plain and simply THE BEST. It is not just the production level, it is also the writing.  Our scenes are simply more interesting to ensure that once you finally get someone important to watch your reel, they will finish and watch it to the end! With Top Tier Acting Reel Scenes, you can’t turn away until you see what happens.  There is always an event, a twist or a surprise to keep a viewer engaged.

Here is a 4 SCENE SAMPLE to show you what we mean!

Our scene directing is next level! You are never expected to bring it all on your own. It is like acting school in front of the camera for less experienced actors and the best is pulled from them, it is just what we do.  And for experienced actors it is an explosion, a chance to really stretch out and show the world your best!

Great co-stars make great scenes, and we will help supply them for you,  or, you can bring your own - you can even find people who will split the cost with you and the scenes can be written so you share the lead!  But they will always know you are the real STAR of the scene - it is in the EDITING.

You spend lots of time and money in acting schools but still can’t show your true talent - and no one wants to give you a chance until you can show it.  Now here is your chance to prove yourself with custom written professionally shot and edited acting scenes made especially for you that look like they were extracted from actual Film or TV Shows - and YOU ARE THE STAR!

Why wait years to build a reel the long hard way if you can create one today?  Jump start your career as an actor with scenes that show you can act.   Working Hollywood writer, producer, director, editors will analyze you and create multiple scenes of you that firmly plant you as the lead star in your roles - something Hollywood makes it almost impossible to get (good scenes for your reel) when you are starting out (even if you started years ago), now you can get those scenes!

After doing these scenes, you walk away wiser and MORE EXPERIENCED, and you are aware of the true demands put on a working actor to focus on the small details.  This is no easy walk in the park, you are forged into a talented actor on camera no matter what your level of experience, even if you have little to none.

No, it is not cheap, good quality production never is, but for what you get from us it is a BARGAIN.  Compared to money spent over years in acting classes (and still not getting booked because you can’t show your talent in front of the camera), now you can.  These are short well crafted scenes will move your career forward quickly.  All Agents and Casting Directors are constantly searching to find great new talent to put into new productions, it is their very job to find it - so show them YOURS!

This is what you have been needing and wanting - SCENES FOR YOUR REEL.  With good scenes where you are the Star in diverse leading roles of different challenging genres, you can finally break out of the box you have been trapped in.  

Have a few friends come in with you in your scenes to help share the expense 

(3 people per scene max), the roles can be written to accommodate all equally.

Invest in your career, and FINALLY HAVE A CAREER - a good reel is the ultimate tool of the trade, and it works wonders in opening doors for an actor.

How much would a reel change the course of your career for the better? 


When shooting your scenes, you are never left stranded to do your scene without support. Acting coaching for how to act on camera is included with every scene in real time as you are shooting, and that makes a world of difference in the results.


Your best option is a set of 4 Scenes to show your diversity.  A good reel makes a big difference when it comes to getting a good agent, manager or bookings work from independent to the major projects - everyone needs to see what you can do!  

If you have a career but are only seen in certain roles or typecast, here is your chance to break out of your box and to redirect your image and career by showing a completely different side of yourself, and opportunity you may never have by just waiting and hoping.  

Don’t rely on hope, and don’t wait, take your career to the next level by doing what it takes to show your talent - acting on camera so they can see your talent.

Call us today for a consultation, also, we have an advance payment plan can be made to help you reach your goal in finally getting a working acting reel, your key to finally working in Hollywood!

There are other custom acting reel services out there, but ours is simply the best!