Top Tier Acting Reels Package Details

A Professional Production of YOU to help Jump Start Your Career!

All Top Tier Videos Include:

Real Hollywood level production with everything needed included

to bring out the best you on camera!

• A 30 min. pre-interview to help establish your video objectives.

• Custom scripts will be created to make sure you stand out and look strong.

• Rehearsal time to prepare for the shoot with coaching when needed.

• Talented experienced co-stars supplied to make your scenes come alive.

• Creatively shot scenes with smooth camera movement and action shots.

• Professionally shot video with an experienced Director who knows how to help you relax to pull the best from you. (Shot in 4K)

• All necessary high camera, lighting and audio equipment is supplied.

•  Scouting of good locations for your scenes. (Interior and exterior)

• Assistance with wardrobe and makeup.

• Basic props supplied when needed for a scene.

• You can add other people to your scenes who will help share the cost with you.

• Creative professional video editing with sound effects & music where needed. 

• Pro video color grading is included to get the right mood for the scene. 

• Very fast turn around to final product. (Usually within a week start to finish)

Fully Produced & Edited Scene - $1,200 (per scene) - Now 50% Off Limited Time!

EXTRAS (at an additional cost): 

Multiple shooting locations

Travel upon request for an additional fee

Professional Makeup Available

Green screen is available for creative location replacement

Anything you need to make your scenes as special as you want

And we are not limited to the basic scenes as listed above…There is no limit to what we can do other than your own imagination (and BUDGET!) We can go from a simple scene to a full large scale production - even make a feature length film, show or pilot that is ready to be televised!  We are not limited to scenes!

Payment Options Are Available - Please Call To Discuss.  

Yes, good production costs good money - and you are the executive producer! 

We work hard to create better production results, so please don’t ask us to be the cheapest.  Quality comes at a slightly higher price, and there is a difference.

50% off Introductory Offer for a Limited Time! Only $600 Per Scene!